Fore Shame!: Hyde Park residents upset that golf ball bandits treated neighborhood like a driving range

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Those living in a Kansas City neighborhood are teed off after several cars were hit by vandals Wednesday morning.  Hyde Park neighbors are fed up and doing what they can to stop crime.

"I think they were just driving down and kind of taking shots," said Jenny Severo.

Shattered glass lines several streets in Hyde Park after the neighborhood's alleged golf ball bandits decided to make the community a driving range Tuesday night.

"I trust in the goodness of human kind, but every now and then this happens and it makes me think, 'Why would somebody do that?'" Severo said.

At least a dozen cars were hit, frustrating for neighbors who know Hyde Park's been working hard to turn around its image.

"It's really a sweet neighborhood.  We have amazing neighbors.  We all look out for each other," said Severo.

Members of a neighborhood watch have recently stepped up night-time patrols. The homeowners association is also working to get neighborhood watch signs posted and more cameras on the streets.

Jenny Savero's just glad nothing was stolen and is hoping the bandits are busted before anyone else is targeted.

"Let's all be better.  Let's just take care of each other and not vandalize, you know. Human kind--let's evolve past this kind of stuff," said Savero.

The homeowner's association is also working with Kansas City Police on a voluntary registry where people can let police know if they have security cameras pointing to the street to help catch criminals when things like his happen.

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