Mom says her son with autism was attacked by teenager inside Gladstone Walmart

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GLADSTONE, Mo. -- "We were just shopping for food and clothes to take home. We had just gotten to that store and we weren't there for no more than 20 minutes. My son saw him coming and said mom he's following us," said a Kansas City mom who FOX 4 will refer to as "Lisa."

The mom says around 7:30 Tuesday night she and her 11-year-old son went shopping at a Walmart near Northeast 72nd Street and Route 1 when what was supposed to be a routine outing, suddenly turned into a nightmare for her child.

"My child is still extremely traumatized by the whole experience. He's afraid to come outside because he cannot understand why someone would do that to him," said the mom.

"Lisa" says a teenage boy first intentionally rode one of the Walmart's motorized shopping carts towards her and her son, circled them and then she says the guy hopped off the scooter and attacked her son for no reason.

"He didn't say a word. It happened so fast that I didn't even know he had hopped off the scooter. He just chased my son around the store and when my son told him to get away from him, the guy punched my child once in his mouth. We were at the hospital for hours until early this morning. The doctors had to put my child under and give him about five stitches in his lip. I am so upset about the whole thing," added the fuming mom.

"Lisa" told FOX 4's Robert Townsend a manager at the Walmart told her security cameras inside the store caught the teenager on video chasing her son around the business.

She also says outside surveillance cameras show the young attacker seemingly bragging about the assault that's now left her child afraid to even step outside.

"In that video I understand you can see him making a fist and laughing about attacking my son. I'm also told after he ran out of the store and hopped in a car and got away. It's just not right for him to just do this to my child and think that it's okay. It's not okay! I hope somebody hears him bragging about what he did and I hope that person calls Gladstone Police," said "Lisa."

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