Small business dreams washed away as floods force local stores to move

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Businesses in a south Kansas City shopping center are being forced to leave instead of rebuild following historic flooding at Indian Creek. The landlord has decided not to let the stores stay put, which is forcing people to adjust, and in some cases, look for new work.

No one saw more damage from July's flooding of Indian Creek than the small business owners at 103rd & Wornall. Sean Bond said, "You just look at it and you know everything is lost. Gone." He was on his way into KC Gold Exchange when he saw the view from the highway and took several photos. But Bond says it was when he got to his store he was brought to tears. "When I pulled up, that’s what I saw -- jewelry floating out the door."

While they operate out of an Independence location, he worries more about his neighboring Businesses down south. "We were all a family in that whole mall. I talked with Bob who owned 103rd Tavern, I talked with the UPS guy. It’s tough, you can see it in people, just trying to get over that hump."

You Only Better was new to the area, just a couple months in. Bond said, "I feel so bad for them because they just came in there, they just got their lease, now they’re going to have to move."

FOX 4 couldn't reach many of the shop owners. The Pizzeria shows permanently closed online and an insurance office has moved to Olathe. Their landlord, Jacobs Property -- did not want to comment for our story. Bond said, "Right now it seems we’re at the bottom of that hill and we’re just trying to get up."

Several of the businesses have already signed leases at another shopping center a little farther down 103rd, near State Line Road.

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