Waldo residents want to know where’s the flood control?

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Residents in the Waldo neighborhood say they have lakefront property despite being landlocked, and say the city won’t do anything about it.

A flood of problems persist in the area of 76th and Pennsylvania.

“When it downpours, for instance like yesterday, when it down-poured for maybe 10 minutes, our street was flooded, we’ve got two walls here that are almost two to three-feet high, and it was to the top of the walls, and it took almost an hour to drain,” said Christy Grimes, who has lived here with her wife, April, for 10 years.

They are fed up with the flooding and say it’s been an issue as long as they’ve lived here.

“It just gets annoying, because if you’re not home and you can’t be here to move your car, your car is going to get ruined,” Grimes added.

On Wednesday, Grimes said there was a downpour for about ten minutes…her wife took this video to show how badly their street flooded in just minutes.

“The blue car back here was actually parked in front of the sewer, and it got floated forward almost to where it’s parked currently,” Grimes said.

She said neighbors have lost multiple cars just from parking on their street out front of their home.

“That’s just getting a little old, we pay for the city to always be improving our stuff, all we got were new storm drains, but that hasn’t done anything, we still have the same problem,” added Grimes.

“It’s definitely frustrating, I mean, my mom doesn’t even want to come to my house because she’s worried her car is going to get damaged, I worry about the little kids, this little one over here, he doesn’t know how to swim probably, so it’s just dangerous, and it’s surprising to me the city hasn’t done anything more,” said Kate Duffey, who lives across the street from Grimes.

They’ve reached out to the city countless times — and have all the documentation that shows their numerous requests for help.

“Multiple times, we’ve left messages, sent pictures to 311, and they keep telling us it’s our problem,” said Grimes.

FOX 4's Melissa Stern reached out to the city to find out what the issue is. This is the statement they sent her:

“The area of 76th and Pennsylvania is an area prone to flooding because of it resembles a bowl and water quickly pools there.  It is an area we spend extra time trying to keep the storm inlets clear.
Since July 27th, KC Water has received three 311 calls regarding flooding in this specific area. We responded and have cleaned out the storm inlets in that area multiple times.
Stormwater issues remain a constant challenge for KC Water because there are not enough dollars to meet all of the stormwater funding needs.  Neighborhood stormwater projects are funded through PIAC, the Public Improvements Advisory Committee.  In 2000, PIAC approved some funding for a stormwater system from 79th and Pennsylvania to 83rd and Ward Parkway.  There was not enough money to extend the system north to 75th street.”

“We are a neighborhood that cleans up after ourselves, and takes care of our stuff, but there’s only so much we can do,” Grimes said, “You shouldn’t have to live like that. You should be able to go on vacation and not worry about if your car is in the wrong spot.”

After FOX 4 called the city on Thursday, they did send workers out to check the drains. The neighbors say that happens often, but the problem continues.