Hero’s New York Griddle food truck owner apologizes for bad food, but not for insensitive response

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A Kansas man says a local food truck owner is serving up some big insults. It's all happening on social media because of a bad review.

John Foley didn't like his sandwich, so he did what millions of people do every day: he wrote about his experience online.

And the food truck owner fired back with some insensitive language, saying Foley sounded "mentally retarded."

John Foley

20-year-old Foley ate at Hero's New York Griddle food truck last week for the first time. Foley and his brother say they both ordered the same thing.

“When he described it, he described it as it being a big hoagie. They were out of a lot of items. When I received it, it was really burnt, my brother ordered the same thing I did, and we had trouble getting the foil off of it, ended up having to tear it apart,” Foley said.

He said he wrote an honest review about his bad experience a few days later on the truck's Facebook page, and was shocked by the owner's response.

"He called me a retard. He said you sound like a retard, and asked if I've read his other reviews before,” Foley explained. “I read it, and I had to do a double read on it. I've never seen a review being responded to like that from a business.”

The owner of Hero's New York Griddle is Daniel Marrero. According to his Facebook post, Marrero wrote, "Look at my reviews. Who sent you? You sound mentally retarded."

"I actually commented back a few days later and said, 'you know, for future reference, this isn't how you should treat your customers,'" Foley said.

But Foley wasn't the only person who responded. Dozens of people responded to the post, outraged by Marrero's insulting words.

Daniel Marrero

FOX 4 stopped by Hero's New York Griddle food truck downtown Friday to see if Marrero had anything else to say.

“You see this link right here? Follow the Facebook page, I responded to the situation on social media. You can take whatever from there,” Marrero said.

His post on Facebook says his competitors send "clowns" to his food truck to destroy his reviews.

Foley said no one sent him. He said he returned to the truck today, where he received an apology.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I would have given you a refund though," Marrero told him. Marrero apologized for the original issue, but not for the response on Facebook.

Marerro said in his response on Facebook, he should have used a better choice of words to describe Foley, and noted that he does events for clients with disabilities. He said he reserves the right to defend what he's worked to establish.

Marrero's response to Foley isn't the only time he's lashed out with salty language for negative feedback. A quick scan of the truck's Facebook page reveals frequent swearing, and refers to individuals as "fat ba--ards" and "coons," specifically referring to one critic as a "sperm collector," adding "i feel sorry for the man who has to deal with," and makes numerous references to "bulls--t cops."

You can read his full post here:

"Its increadible how my competitors send clowns to our food truck to destroy my reviews. If what your doing is not working then change the crap you feed ppl or get out of the business.

Apparently the majority of the ppl who dogged my reviews over the past couple of days have never been to my establishment. My regular and daily customers are very familiar with my outstanding customer service and great food. If there has ever been a valid complaint about my service or food i offer to make it up to that individual with a free meal or a refund. What i will not do validate a clowns review who was sent to my truck to slander my business.

We have actually waived our minimums to do events for clients with special disabilities. When no other trucks would entertain such events. So do not turn this into something that its not. I will not accept it. Should i have used a better choice of words to describe the clown that initiated all of this, maybe. But i reserve the right to lash back and defend what weve worked so hard to establish. Its ridiculous how low some ppl can stoop and actually find ppl to entertain them.

With that being said we want to thank all our customers for your continued support!!"

-Daniel Marrero, Owner Of Hero’s New York Griddle via Facebook.

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