Joe’s Weather Blog: Settling down for awhile it appears (FRI-8/11)

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Good afternoon…we’re now 10 days away from the eclipse in the KC area…again I want to stress that you want to be in the area that gets TOTALITY. While a partial solar eclipse will be neat to see…the TOTAL part is the once in a lifetime experience for this area. The next one isn’t till after the year 2200…I won’t be around for that and neither will you…so again be in the area that gets TOTALITY. It’s too early to make any reliable forecasts but there are signs that we may be getting back to “average” type days towards the end of next week…so that gives me some optimism from 10 days out at least.


Tonight: Clear skies and pretty darn comfortable for mid-August with lows close to 60° or so.

Saturday: Overall a good day with clouds every so often. An east wind will keep temperatures and humidity levels in check…highs around 80°

Sunday: I can’t totally rule out some storms at any time really but there isn’t anything concrete to really get worried about at this point. Highs in the lower 80s.


Let’s see at 1PM this afternoon…KCI is 79° with a dew point of 63°…that’s pretty darn good for the 11th of August. That’s been the theme all month long too…at least in terms of temperatures. We’ll be coming back to this little stat often over the next 10 days or so…but through yesterday KCI is running 7.3° below average for the month so far. It’s been a remarkable month (so far) in that regard.

Regionally this month somewhat compares to other cool Augusts starts (through 10 days)…take a look…


There really isn’t a lot of focus to the weather over the next several days…there are going to be complexes of rain/storms moving through the southern Plains and Plains areas…and while I can’t rule out some activity sneaking into the area…I’m not convinced for any one particular day…really through Tuesday. So at this point I’m going with very low chances from SUN>TUE…and we’ll play it by ear. Interesting to note, as mentioned, that the heavier rains will be more towards the I-40 corridor area though Monday AM

Of note is what I mentioned in yesterday’s blog regarding what I think is a return to more typical August weather (more than a couple of days) late next week or next weekend. There should be some sort of gradual transition heading into WED and/or THU with storm chances on the increase…then my guess is that it will get more and more on the muggy side after that…the hotter stuff may hold off till next weekend or the following week perhaps. Odds are we’re going to be close to 90° again with dew points into the lower 70s at some point as we head into the last week of the month. Should that pan out…we’ll thank Mother Nature for about 15-20 days of pleasant to reasonable for August temperatures…deal with the back 10 days of the month and probably call an end to the worst of summer weather in the KC area.

Finally I should mention that there is a meteor shower this weekend. The Perseids will be around. I don’t make a big deal out of these things because despite the stories in the media…these things seem to always underwhelm. If you see a few tonight into Monday AM…consider yourself the lucky one. The Perseids occur because the orbit of the earth around the sun passes through the debris of the comet Swift-Tuttle. It’s supposed to be one of the bigger meteor events of the year…

We also have a pretty bright moon out there tonight too…and that does NOT help the cause for seeing too many. You know the routine…late at night…away from the city lights…let your eyes adjust…good luck. I’ll be sound asleep!

OK that will do it for the day and maybe for the weekend as well…I may try to cobble together a blog over the weekend…but I’ll be fishing for something to write about…if I catch anything…you’ll see an update.

Our feature photo comes from Heather Philips from Overland Park of a beautiful sunrise this morning.









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