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Local Korean War Vet salutes Trump’s tone with Kim Jong Un

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Lt. Col. Dean Cling has a perspective on North Korea that most can't claim. While fighting for the U.S. in the Korean War in 1952, Cling abandoned his burning fighter jet that had been hit by enemy fire and parachuted down to the ground.

Cling landed literally on the famous 38th parallel.

"If I had landed 500 yards further north I would've been a POW," Cling told FOX4. "I thought I was going to be a POW anyway."
Fortunately cling was rescued by "friendlies" and went on to fly over 200 missions for the Air Force in his combined service in the Korean War in the Vietnam war.

Cling says he still has many good friends in South Korea and is hoping the hostilities do not resume between the United States and North Korea.

But he does believe President Trump's tough talk, in responding to Kim Jong Un and threats of missile strikes, is the right way to deal with the rogue regime.

"I personally think he's doing the right thing," Cling said. "You know of course, the anti-Trumpers want to say 'no no no he's full of prunes'.

"Past governments have given him money, concessions and all that, and that hasn't stopped him or slowed him down at all.

"With our air power, I think we could land the first blow. But who wants to be the first? It has to be a retaliation, I think," Cling said.
"I can say that, now that I'm not in the military."

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