Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder stops in Overland Park to host discussion on rising childcare costs

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A local politician is speaking out about a number of issues ranging from President Donald Trump's controversial comments this week to the rising cost of childcare.

Kansas Representative Kevin Yoder spent Wednesday in Overland Park on a tour and took part in a round table discussion where he met with childcare experts and parents.

The topic was the "P.A.C.E." Act. P.A.CE. stands for "promoting affordable childcare for everyone."

Yoder recently introduced the bill in the House. He believes it would help middle and low-income families pay for care for children and other dependents. It's designed to expand tax refunds and credits.

During his visit, Yoder also spent time reacting to President Trump's comments about this weekend's protest in Charlottesville.

"Well, it's frustrating," Yoder said. "But that's why I'm trying to use my voice, my energy, my time to speak clearly and directly to this. Many of my colleagues are as well. I think this is an important moment. Congress is going to unite on this matter, and I think ultimately the country is very united on this matter. So, I'll continue to speak directly, clearly that white supremacy, KKK, Nazism -- that these are horrible, evil ideologies, and we will not tolerate them."

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