Downpours within weeks of one another wreak havoc on basements in Waldo

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- People who live in the Waldo neighborhood said their homes have flooded multiple times this month. Some home owners think clogged sewer drains are to blame and others think the city needs to step in and upgrade its infrastructure.

“In 14 years we’ve never had a problem or had flooding, it’s been three times in a month,” said homeowner Laura Gunter. “It’s disgusting and we have mold on the walls which we’ve never had a problem with, we are lucky we didn’t have wall-to-wall carpet.”

Down the street from Gunter, another neighbor said her basement was flooded again.

“The city infrastructure can’t handle the storm water run-off and I understand these are record-breaking floods right now but that only accounts for two of the four floods in recent weeks so we are still talking about an infrastructure that’s aging and can’t handle all of the run-off,” said Kellie Beargie.

She said she hopes the city steps in to help.

“The city needs to seriously look at ramping up their plans to replace the storm sewers around our neighborhood,” she told FOX 4.

Kelly Christman, who also lives in Waldo, said she has to sandbag the outside of her garage each time it rains.

“It’s terrible, it’s terrible, our life is on hold because we can’t do anything,” she said.

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