Dozens of farm animals killed, residents trapped by rushing flood waters in Miami County

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HILLSDALE, Kan. -- A Miami County woman is thankful to be alive after getting trapped inside her flooded home for nearly two hours.

Just below the bridge where 5-mile creek and 10-mile creek meet, water occasionally gets high enough to cover the road, but it is still passable. Tuesday, however, it came crashing over like an ocean wave spilling all the way up the road, over the yard, and gushing eight feet into the main floor of the home.

John Zook was stunned to see what is now left of his farm. In a pen around the side of the property, there were 57 goats.

"We had animals trapped in the fence," Zook said.

The sheer force of the water pushed many of them down the creek. None survived. Around back, all the chickens in a coop were also killed. Thankfully, a few cattle that got loose were recovered.

But the house is another story. Nearly everything inside is left mud soaked and ruined.

The basement still has well over 10-feet of water inside. Marks on the walls show just how high the flood waters go in the main living areas.

One of the residents got trapped inside as the waters rose.

"She had her foot on that door knob holding herself above the water, hanging onto a mattress for approximately two hours. She was completely submerged," Zook said.

Rescuers busted in a window to get the woman and her dogs out safely. The family is shaken up, but grateful they are alive. But they now fear their farmstead is a total loss.

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