Joe’s Weather Blog: Massive rains end…near perfect days ahead (TUE-8/22)

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85th and Hickman Mills

Good afternoon…another well forecast heavy rain event is over in the KC region…widespread near 6″ rains with higher amounts in many areas…eclipsing 10″ (see what I did there) were recorded through the KC area. I’ve posted totals from a network of gauges through the KC metro area…KCI set a daily record yesterday with 4.08″ of rain. Raytown had 7.77″ from yesterday morning through this morning…that’s impressive from north to south. Corporate Woods had 10.32″ of rain for the jackpot winner (in readily available data). Perhaps you had more?


This afternoon: Mostly sunny and pleasant with highs around 80°

Tonight: Clear and cool…overall delightful…lows down to near 55°

Wednesday and Thursday: Perfect with highs near 80°. Perhaps a few more clouds Thursday


My goodness…it started on 7/22 with big, somewhat localized thunderstorms that knocked out power to well over 150,000 customers…some for days…then on 7/27 we had flood event #1 that send some the Indian River in OP well over it’s banks too record territory…then we had the flood event that went from roughly 2″06+” from north to south that closed I-35 for quite some time…and finally last night widespread near 6″ totals that once again established new river records in the metro…what an unbelievable stretch of weather, essentially in the last 31 days. A crazy summer it’s been. Drought? Nope…floods yes.

Here are some of the representative rain reports from gauges spread around the KC area…starting from the north and working towards the south…

Here are some totals from 7AM yesterday through 7AM today…

and finally some of the totals reported via CoCoRaHS

Just wow!

So why is this happening…well I’m going off of memory in some of this…but one of the common themes that we’ve seen is that the atmosphere (especially in 3/4 cases) has been overly swollen with moisture…from the surface upwards. At one point yesterday evening…Whiteman AFB had a dew temperature of 77° with a dew point of 77°. This wouldn’t be shocking IF it was rainy at the time (it wasn’t) or IF it was real foggy (weird but maybe…and it wasn’t)…it was just because of all the moisture that was just sitting there ready to be tapped. Whiteman AFB ended up with 3 1/3″ of rain from the event last night.

We’ve also seen unusually cool weather for most of the month with the exception of a day here or there. While there has been some rebound in the avg monthly temperatures since the 11th or so…we’re still almost 5° below average for the month…typically when it’s really cool in the summer and cool air masses are around and on the move bumping into hot an humid air masses that may be lurking nearby…you get very heavy storms…more storms means more rain (on average).

Also these events (the flooding ones) typically need to have decent to strong winds above the surface blowing from the south or southwest to the north or northeast…that was the case last night and in prior flood events in the last month. These low level winds blow over either a cold front that is sluggishly moving…or perhaps outflow (like last night). This creates lift towards the north of the outflow boundary and that lift creates storms. Add in the general west to east flow in the mid levels and you get training storms…storms that repetitively go over the same areas.

Boom your flood!

Pretty incredible really…

A crazy night for sure…

That’s it for this blog…have a great day and enjoy the beautiful weather on the way for the next few days…


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