Crews rescue woman stuck in tree after she was swept away by Indian Creek flood

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Water rescue crews worked swiftly Tuesday morning to save a woman who found herself stuck in a tree near Indian Creek as she tried to escape flooding.

Crews successfully rescued the woman around 7 a.m.

Fox 4's Matt Stewart says the woman was parked and watching Indian Creek rise behind the shopping center at 103rd and Wornall  where  businesses, like Coach's Bar and Grill, flooded on July 27.  Many of those businesses still haven't reopened.

The deputy fire chief said the woman was in her car, watching the river when it quickly rose and caused her car to flip. The water pushed her car against a tree. She was able to get out and climb into the tree.

"She was able to extract herself from the car but as she did, the car actually flipped over on its side and pinned her against the tree and she was able to climb up the tree as the car moved," said Dep. Chief Jeff Johnson with the Kansas City Fire Department.

Police were in the area to shut down Wornall Road as water from Indian Creek continued to rise when they heard the woman scream for help. When officers realized there was a woman trapped in a tree, they called firefighters, who ultimately used a pumper truck to bring her to safety. You can watch that full rescue in the video player below.

"There's so many hazards between power lines, trees, debris in the water again and water is very turbulent, and it's not safe to put a boat in, put rescue crews in. She's stable, she secure where she's at, so at this point we really playing a waiting game," Chief Johnson said as the rescue was in progress.

Coach's owners, Brian and Chrissy, had gone in to work early Tuesday, July 27th when they heard about the flooding, trying to move things to higher ground. The rushing water burst through a wall and the water came gushing in. As it rose, so did they, eventually perching themselves in the ceiling until help arrived.

FOX 4's Karli Ritter says Indian Creek will reach higher levels than it did that day, cresting a foot-and-a-half higher than almost a month ago.

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We are at 100th and Wornall and 103rd and Marty. Emergency crews have forced everyone back as they try to keep people safe. There are reports that a woman was rescued from high water in Raytown. As our crews drive around Tuesday morning, they're finding many roadways where water continues to pool and will not be easy to travel during rush hour.

Expect problems. The historical raining in the last 12 hours has amounted to five to ten inches of rainfall.

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