KCFD receives federal recommendations following fire that killed two of its own nearly two years ago

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A federal report and recommendations for the Kansas City Fire Department was released on Wednesday regarding a deadly fire that killed two firefighters nearly two years ago.

The National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) report is out, and comes more than a year after KCFD announced the changes it's making after its own investigation, but the recommendations are almost the same.

Kansas City firefighters John Mesh and Larry Leggio died when a wall collapsed on them at a fire on Independence Avenue on October 12th of 2015.

Two firefighters killed Oct 12, 2015 fighting a fire: Larry Leggio and John Mesh.

Mesh and Leggio were with two other firefighters and their equipment in an alley outside the building, trying to keep the fire from spreading. That area is what's considered a collapse zone. Apparently a tone went out to alert them to move, but they did not hear it, and it appears no one followed up to make sure of it.

The first and most critical recommendation is about establishing and enforcing a collapse policy. The KCFD already developed a collapse policy and made sure all battalions know how to implement it. NIOSH also recommends designating no-entry zones in dangerous conditions.

The second recommendation focuses on command at a scene, of people, equipment, communications and tactics.

The third focuses on training firefighters on building construction and the potential for structural collapse.

KCFD issued a side-by-side comparison of each recommendation in the two reports and how it has already addressed them or is now implementing changes.

You can read the full list of recommendations by clicking this link.