Powerball hopefuls scoop up last-minute tickets ahead of massive jackpot drawing

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- People across the Metro area lined up on Wednesday afternoon to get their hands on last minute Powerball tickets. The $700 million dollar jackpot brought out many people who don’t typically play the lottery.

“Only when it gets up there we’ll play,” said lottery hopeful Travis Villines.

Villines was among the throngs of people waiting in line on Wednesday evening to purchase a ticket. He and his wife say, they use a strategy to carefully pick the numbers they’ll play.

“We do the birthdays then we let her pick whatever comes to her mind and then, actually today we saw our dream car so we used inspiration from the licence plate numbers so we’re hoping that gets us a new mercedes,” said Katie Villines.

Lottery experts say the odds of winning the top prize in this jackpot are 1 in 292 million. Missouri has had 31 powerball winners, that’s the second most powerball winners out of any state in the U.S. Indiana has the most powerball winners with 39.