13 people killed, others still missing after tourist boat capsizes at Table Rock Lake

Residents and crews continue cleanup after Indian Creek area floods for the second time in four weeks

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Clean up continues from the historic flooding that hit the metro, and one busy street in south Kansas City is down to one lane as we near the rush hour.

The Indian Creek area has seen two historic floods in a matter of four weeks, and some nearby residents are blaming Quik Trip for all the damage in this area.

They say when Quik Trip rebuilt this store, they raised the property and slanted the yard so floodwaters would go elsewhere. They also installed a concrete berm next to Indian Creek, which neighbors say prevents high water from soaking into the ground.

Many homes in the area suffered serious flood damage Tuesday and from the record floods last month. But Quik Trip officials says their store, too, had some damage and they blame Mother Nature for all of it.

Indian Creek rose to a record level Tuesday – about three-quarters of an inch higher than the previous record set just four weeks ago.

There are plans to eventually do something to alleviate Indian Creek from flooding. Kansas City voters recently passed an $800-million bond issue, and $150-million of set aside for flood control. Indian Creek is not on the list to be dealt with right away, but it is unclear if recent floods will push city officials to make it a priority.

As for what exactly they will do to stop Indian Creek from flooding will be a challenge since it runs through both Kansas and Missouri.