Shots fired during standoff stemming from warrant service, person dead in Olathe neighborhood

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OLATHE, Kan. -- A police spokesperson confirmed that a person is dead after shots were fired in an Olathe neighborhood on Wednesday night in the area of South Keeler and Park. Neighbors told FOX 4's Robert Townsend that officers and deputies were in the neighborhood for several hours, and say the person is a woman.

Neighbors say officers first arrived to a home around 2 p.m. apparently to serve a warrant.

They say a man in his late 30's lives with his two young children in the home, and believe the person shot was his girlfriend. They add that shortly after 6 p.m., officers armed with guns entered an open, front door of the house.

Once inside, they described hearing approximately five gunshots and they also heard an officer yell "shots fired, shots fired." The spokesperson confirmed that only one officer fired shots, and that no officers were hurt. He did not say whether the person shot was armed.

Denise Freedman lives just down the street from the home.

"It's a young couple, and there's children there. I've never seen cop cars in front of their house, ever," Freedman told FOX 4.

Witnesses also say they saw police put the male homeowner in a police cruiser and take him in for questioning, but he was not handcuffed.

FOX 4 will pass along the latest details as we learn them.