Volunteers from Missouri’s Southern Baptist churches working together to help flood victims in Grandview clean up

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- Volunteers from Missouri's Southern Baptist churches are helping flood victims clean up and repair their homes.

Along Merrywood Lane, storm survivors say they lost nearly everything they own.

This is another one of those low lying neighborhoods that just finished cleaning up from last month's flooding, when even higher water rolled through.

Chris Montgomery says he lost his furnace, hot water tank, all of his appliances, even his car was washed from his driveway and left in ruin down the block.

Southern Baptist volunteers are helping Montgomery clean out the mud from his home, and repair and replace drywall damaged by the water.

"To put it in words, I can’t describe it," Montgomery said. "I’m real happy. It really helps me out a lot to know there are good people out there that do stuff like this."

The Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief group is working to make the homes livable again, even treating the walls and floors with a mold preventive after repairs are complete. The group expects to be working in the neighborhood for at least the next two days.

"We've given them some help that they needed. We've given them hope that things will get better. And this helps to turn them around from despair to having a bright prospect," said Doug Hager, one of the volunteers.

Members of the group say it makes them feel good to help others in need and those getting the help say their spirits are lifted just knowing that total strangers care enough to make a difference in their lives.