FOX 4 gets in a Black Hawk helicopter with Kansas citizen soldiers ready to answer the call

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- The Kansas Army National Guard put on a demonstration of military know-how, complete with Black Hawk helicopter ride-alongs for civilians at Johnson County Community College on Thursday.

“This type of event gives us a chance to come out and talk to people from a lot of different careers and professions,” said Brig. Gen. Anthony Mohatt.

The Kansas Guard showcased the many incentives (college tuition assistance, home loan programs) for men and women in the 17 to 34 age bracket.

Sgt. Seanta Prescott is a 26-year-old human resources professional who touted her positive experiences in the National Guard.

“I’m from a tiny town a town of 3,000 people,” Prescott said, standing before two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. “How does someone like me get here and do something like this?”

Prescott graduated from KU and received a master’s degree from Pittsburgh State with tuition help from the National Guard.

“To know that I was able to buy my own home as a single soldier at the age of 25,” Prescott said. “That's something that people dream about.”

Prescott deployed to Afghanistan in 2014 within days of receiving her degree.

With President Donald Trump recently announcing a troop surge in Afghanistan, members of the Kansas Army National Guard say they are prepared to answer the call, if need be.

“We do we have units that are deployed currently and others that are preparing to deploy,” Brig. Gen. Mohatt said. “There's always a chance that they could be told that they're not needed.”