Small in stature, but walking with a mighty mission, metro kids in capes spread smiles

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- This week in Reaching 4 Excellence FOX 4 is highlighting a group of kids ranging in age from toddlers to teenagers. The group is called "Mini Missions Kansas City" and features kids who only want one thing: to make you smile.

"There's kind of like no words to say how I feel when I see people smile," said Faris Gemeda. "It makes me feel good in the heart."

They may be mini, but their mission is mighty. Caped like the super heroes they are, these kiddos are solving the community's problems, one smile at a time.

"If people are all gloomy and I smile, then it will make them smile too, and then they'll smile at other people and then they'll make other people smile, so it will make the whole community happy and healthy," said Eden Loinei.

FOX 4 caught up with the group and their parents at the Country Club Plaza where they were handing out hand-painted kindness rocks with positive messages, sandwiches, water, money, even high-fives to anyone willing to take a second to stop at listen.

The biggest lesson the kids got out of this experience was seeing a woman moved to tears who wasn't sure where her next meal was coming from.

"It helps the KC community. I just want to see people's faces that light up in joy," said Faris.

Christal Gemeda is the face behind the organization, but makes it clear, it's run and operated by the kids and their ideas.

"I just love to see little people learning the power that they have and just using it," she said.

She started a similar movement in Connecticut in 2011, and upon moving to the metro, saw a need for the same thing.

"We just want to teach the children from 0 to 17, 18 years old, how to enrich their own communities here and abroad," she said.

Mini Missions is open to any child interested in joining. The only rule -- parent's must be a part of the process too.