Second of four men sentenced to life in prison for Shawnee gun store owner’s murder

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Hakeem Malik is charged with the murder of She's a Pistol co-owner, Jon Bieker, 44.

SHAWNEE, Kan. — Hakeem Malik, 21, was sentenced Friday to life in prison, eligible for parole after 25 years,  for the murder of ‘She’s A Pistol’ gun shop owner Jon Bieker in January 2015.

In May, Malik pleaded guilty to the charges; part of his plea agreement included a sentence recommendation of a “Hard 25” like one of his co-conspirators received. In July, the first of the defendants, Londro Patterson, was also sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 25 years behind bars before he’s eligible for parole for the murder of Bieker.

She’s A Pistol shooting suspects, charged with the 1st degree murder of Jon Bieker.

Police say Patterson, 22, and three others tried to rob the She’s A Pistol gun shop in Shawnee in January of 2015. A shootout ended with Jon Bieker dead and one of the robbers severely injured.

A jury found Patterson guilty of murder, attempted aggravated robbery, conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery and aggravated battery.

Rebecca and Jon Bieker

Prosecutors believe Patterson pointed a gun at co-owner Becky Bieker and De’Anthony Wiley pulled the trigger, and killed “She’s A Pistol” co-owner Jon Bieker as he tried to defend his wife.

Patterson was found by police crawling in the store’s parking lot with multiple gun shot wounds.

Wiley’s attorney previously told FOX 4 that he is not admitting to being the gunman, but admitting that the murder occurred in the course of the robbery in which he was involved. Wiley goes to trial at the end of October and Nicquan Midgyett goes to trial in December.

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