Joe’s Weather Blog: Rain ends…for awhile in KC…then there’s Harvey (SUN-8/27)

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A “Katrina”-like disaster continues to unfold in parts of NE Texas…and especially around the Houston region…some places have had over 30″ of rain…widespread flooding…and they’re not even halfway through the rains yet. More is coming…tonight may be another very bad night…it’s been gut-wrenching seeing pictures come out of the devastation and the human impacts.

For KC…some locally heavy rains moved through this morning…but we’re now on a drying trend that should be the theme for the week as a whole. No significant weather is expected and overall some very nice weather is on tap for quite some time.


Tonight: Clearing and pleasant with lows in the 60s. Some fog is possible towards daybreak

Monday>Wednesday: Mostly sunny days…highs around 80° with pleasant nights near 60° and even some 50s possible

Thursday>Saturday: Somewhat milder with highs 80-85° with a few more clouds


I was talking to a friend of mine who lives on the west side of Houston, TX this morning…his house is fine and so are they…so far 23″ of rain for him…with plenty more on the way unfortunately.

What’s happening down there is awful. Forecasts calling for 20-30″ of rain are panning out…and more is coming. Some areas have already had 30″+ already.

The state record is in jeopardy…48″ is that record…some may eclipse 50″. I posted this tweet in a blog a couple of days ago and it seems more relevant now.

and it keeps coming…

The infrastructure is now failing in some of the hardest hit areas…Reed Timmer is showing how the sewer system is handling things…and it’s not well in downtown Houston.

One TV station (KHOU-TV) had to evacuate and shut down because of the water coming into the station.

Often these situations affect the ones who have so little or aren’t quite as hardy as others…perhaps they’re sick, or can’t evacuate because of mobility issues…or just don’t have the ability to do so…at first I thought the next picture was a fake image…but it was real. These residents are now safe and rescued.

This is Houston right now…

To add to the misery are the rotating storms trying to produce tornadoes. Folks are being told to go to their roof to stay out of the flood waters…not their attics…and then a tornado warning comes out…what do they do…they’re trapped.

This is Houston…

The remnants of Hurricane Harvey are meandering around eastern TX…as a result a continuous feed of moisture is streaming into the region…2 day rain totals from Friday at 2pm through today at 2pm look like this…

This is Houston…

According to the WPC (Weather Prediction Center)…Houston has had more rain than they got in 2001 when Allison devastated the city over the course of 5 days…except all this rain came in about 2.5 days with Harvey.

This is Houston…

The model data is not encouraging for the next few days at least…with another 10-20+” possible. It will really depend on where these bands circulating around the storm set up. In a way…Houston would want the center of what’s left of Harvey to get closer…this would then shift some of the flooding rain bands away from Harris County. There is another issue with this outcome though…it’s possible the core of what’s left of Harvey drifts back over the Gulf as it wanders around…could it try to deepen again?

The airports are closing/closed

…the infrastructure is breaking…the oil refineries are shutting down…the ship terminals are shutting down…this potentially will have significant economic impacts across the country over the coming weeks…you may first see it in the price of gasoline then there will be ripple effects.

This is Houston…

This is a storm many feared could happen. As a matter of fact there was an article written last year about this very thing…it’s a haunting read.

Houston itself has changed so much over the years…much like the KC area flooding situation…land-use is a contributing factor in these things. New roads…buildings…homes…pavement everywhere…attempts to channel incredible amounts of water…all contribute to the flooding situation. To be fair though…30-50″ of rain even in an area without the infrastructure of city life is going to flood the terrain.

Notice the image on the right side in the above tweet…it’s telling because that is the increase in terrain that isn’t naturally draining anymore…

This is Houston…

If you want to help…perhaps this is a start…


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