Metro area family concerned about the safety of loved ones in Houston

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HIGGINSVILLE, Mo. -- Images of evacuations and rescues in Houston frequently flash across the TV screen as hurricane Harvey intensifies.

"I think it`s very devastating. I don`t live there but my heart just goes out to all of the residents in the Texas area," said Connie Fidler.

Fidler is especially concerned for her son Noah who just moved to Houston for school.

"We took him down here the first of August and moved him into his apartment. It’s his first time being away from home like this so he`s all on his own," she explained.

"It scares me as his mom, even though I know he`s handling it and he`s going to be okay, but it still scares me as his mom because you don`t know what's going to happen," Fidler adds.

The family has been in constant communication with Noah and is thankful that he and his roommates appear to be okay.

"His concern is the flooding outside of his apartment door and trying to keep the water from actually going into the apartment," said Fidler.

"My thoughts and prayers are with them and hopefully this won`t last as long as what they think it`s going to,” she adds.