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Houston reporter flags down rescue crew after noticing man trapped in cab of flooded tractor-trailer

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HOUSTON — A reporter and photographer in Houston helped save a truck driver’s life over the weekend.

Brandi Smith with KHOU 11 News was reporting outside on city roadways when she noticed a man trapped inside of the cab of his tractor-trailer. Moments later a recuse crew drove by and she flagged them down. That crew said they were not aware of the man trapped but quickly jumped into action.

Smith, who was live on air until their station’s signal was knocked out when their building took on water, remained on the scene and continued rolling on the rescue until the man was safe. You can watch that rescue in the video player above.

“I flagged them down, told them about the situation, and now they are here, saving this man’s life,” Smith says in the video.

Officials on the scene told Smith just one year ago a tractor-trailer driver died in the same area when his truck got stuck in flood water.

The station’s journalists continued to report the storm, posting video and reports to social media and the web. A nationwide special report by CBS News relied on KHOU reporters who were able to connect with the CBS control room in New York.

“We are continuing to keep people of Houston informed and safe during this catastrophic storm,” the station tweeted. “We will get through this together, Houston.”

During the devastating Hurricane Katrina in 2005, a Fox network affiliate in New Orleans, WVUE, was taken off the air for two weeks. WVUE was forced to move to a sister station in Mobile, Alabama to continue broadcasting, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported at the time.

The newspaper said flooding from Katina “swamped” the station’s transmitter and filled its offices with “waist-high water.”