KCK car wash owner spots pest control worker illegally dumping rat poison from truck into a bay

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A KCK pest control company is under investigation about how one of its workers disposed toxic chemicals.

Brian Underwood, owner of the car wash at 7512 Leavenworth Road, says while sweeping up one of his car wash bays, he noticed turquoise pellets in the debris.

"It wasn't until I got deeper into the bay that I discovered that there was a full, unopened package of industrial grade rat poison," said Underwood. "And when I opened the package up, I discovered the contents of the package were the same as what was peppered throughout the bay."

That rat poison was Contrac Rodenticide.

Underwood says his video surveillance shows and employee of Pied Piper Termite and Pest Control washing out the bed of a company truck.

The manufacturer indicated the rat poison needs to be disposed of at an approved waste facility, and Underwood says that is not his car wash. The manufacturer also warns that the product can contaminate lakes, streams and ponds.

"In this case, here, the guy with the rat poison, it was kind of half-moon shaped," said Underwood while describing the debris left in the car wash bay. "It covered half the bay to include the drain. Each bay has its own individual pit, and that pit drains into the city sewer system."

The owner of Pied Piper Termite and Pest Control, Jeff Jones, did not want to talk to FOX 4 on camera, but did provide the notice an inspector with the Kansas Department of Agriculture gave him during a follow-up visit.

That report shows: "The firm improperly disposed of Contrac Rodenticide... by washing the bait out of the back of a service vehicle," and "Left a Contrac Rodenticide Place Pac on the floor of the car wash."

The inspector indicated that action violated Kansas Law.

A spokesperson for the Kansas Department of Agriculture says this is still an open case and is under review to determine if the state will take any further action.

Jones said the worker involved in the incident is no longer employed by his company.