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Packing pet supplies, metro woman heads to Houston to help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local business owner is packing up and heading to Houston to help animals who are in need after Hurricane Harvey. On Monday, Kathy Plant, with Kathy's Klippery, set up her mobile unit to collect pet supply donations to take with her.

Plant said she plans to spend about a week in the Houston area. She said she will pick up pets who are by themselves and drop them off at area shelters where she hopes their chips can be scanned and they will be reunited with family.

"These are children to a lot of people, some people do not have anything but their pets and to not have that especially during a tragedy like this is disheartening, you need to have that comfort," Plant told FOX 4.

Her mobile unit, which is normally used as a mobile grooming center, is complete with a bathroom, running water, a fridge and a microwave. She said she will open up the space to anybody who needs a place to use the restroom, brush their teeth, wash their face or anything else.

Plant has made pet rescue trips for years, helping animals who were impacted by Hurricane Katrina and the Moore and Joplin tornadoes.

If you'd like to support Plant on her mission to help in Texas, you can donate here.

Also, you can follow her journey to help animals and families in need here.