Harvey’s impact being felt in KC as gas prices jump overnight

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Harvey is not just affecting those living in Houston – it’s starting to affect metro residents, too.

Gas prices are rising Tuesday morning, and Hurricane Harvey is to blame.

Many gas stations  in the metro boosted prices 10-to-15-cents a gallon overnight, and they could continue to rise as Harvey has forced oil and gas refineries in Houston to shut down.

Those refineries are built to withstand Hurricanes such as Harvey, so there shouldn’t be too much structural damage to repair. But it could take weeks for many refineries down there to get back online as employees can’t get to work due to the epic flooding and damage to their homes.

About 10-percent of the nation’s oil supply is now shut down thanks to Harvey. One analyst calls this the most challenging situation ever for the U.S. energy industry. Some believe when all is said and done, gas prices could jump by $1 per gallon in some parts of the country.

Speaking of travel, flights to Houston remain cancelled through at least  Wednesday – possibly even though Thursday. So if you are flying south this week, there could be delays along the way.

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