Joe’s Weather Blog: Historic Harvey pummels Gulf region (TUE-8/29)

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Good morning…while the KC region is now locked into a rather dry weather pattern for the next week or so…obviously many are watching the incredible events going on towards eastern TX and soon into Louisiana as well. Harvey remains a tropical storm and actually got a bit more organized when it came back into the western Gulf waters yesterday. It is bringing continuous rains to the Houston region again today and until it passes (some time later today/tonight) rain will continue to fall. There are reports that the nations record of 48″ of rain from a previous tropical system  (also in Texas) has been eclipsed…and it’s still raining.


Today>Thursday: Sunny mornings and partly cloudy afternoons. Highs range from the upper 70s to the lower 80s. Nightime lows in the upper 50s to lower 60s

Holiday weekend starting Friday: Warmer and dry. Highs in the mid to upper 80s SAT>MON. Lows in the 65-70° rqnge


It’s amazing how we stay dry for these long stretches and what’s happening in Texas and LA is happening down there. In time Harvey will be moving up into the Ohio Valley over the weekend…and yes the rains will finally turn off in Texas for a bit of time at least. Even though as that happens with so much water on the ground, and now that the reservoirs are being topped or having additional water being released into the Bayou system that is overloaded…it’s conceivable that the worst of the flooding in some areas will be under sunshine.

River gauges and rain collectors are breaking or under water…so in some cases we may not know the final tallies to how much rain has fallen. we do think though that some areas may get close to 50″ by the time things are all said and done.

Areas that are in the flood plain are under water…areas that are in the 1 in 500 chance/year of having a flood are also now going under…The Addicks reservoir is topped and the data from the Barker reservoir is no longing coming in properly. The good news is according to the army Corps of Engineers this morning the integrity of the structures though is still very good.

The totals above are just through last night…it’s been raining overnight too!

Here are the totals in Harris County alone over the last 7 days…essentially most of this is since Harvey began hitting that area…


As mentioned over the next 24 hours the core of the storm will start moving away…this will be increasing the nasty weather in LA though…

and that means more rain…

Last night, outside of Houston…towards Lake Charles,LA there were 500 water rescues because of the heavy rains…

There are so many side stories to all this…sometimes I look for the more abstract ones…when this area was hit so hard many years ago by Allison…something else happened…

Finally I wanted to link to this thread as it explains why Houston, in particular, is so vulnerable to high water situations…this tread talks about the infrastructure and I found it very helpful in understanding what’s going on down there.

Please click on that tweet for more information.

The sheer volume of water is just incredible down there…

My colleagues at the NWS in Pleasant Hill put together this infographic to show how it relates to something a bit more relateable to us in the KC region


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