Platte City apartment tenants say they’ve been battling bats flying around homes for months

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PLATTE CITY, Mo. -- Tenants at a Platte City apartment complex say creepy critters have invaded their apartments. For the last three months, the moms and dads say they've been battling bats.

"He just kept flying around until he finally flew out. He got out of there and I was so, so grateful," Richard Domingo said. "I was battling the bat for at least 20 minutes."

Domingo and his girlfriend Breanna Curry say their first encounter with the big bat was back in July. The couple says one night the nasty looking, creepy critter flew through an uncovered vent in their bathroom, got inside their apartment, and sent this frightened father into a frenzy.

"I put a blanket over my head. I came running through here," he described.

A neighbor in the next door building says he snapped two pictures of a bat he caught one night. The bat-catching tenants say they have repeatedly complained to the apartment manager, but to no avail.

However, the manager tells FOX 4 that in July she hired a private wildlife expert who inspected several buildings from top to bottom and he found no signs of bats. The couple is just concerned about their 5-month-old baby.

"Bats have rabies and if she were to get any of the diseases that they have, she could die from it," Curry said.

"My maintenance guy did go up there. He saw nothing. He made an opening so if there were anything up there, they could fly out," apartment manager Robin Smith said.

A refrigerator magnet is the only bat the couple wants to see flying around their apartment, and that's why they say at the end of the month they plan to move.

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