Suspected burglar injures himself during crime, forces Lenexa Catholic school to go into lockdown

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LENEXA, Kan. -- A scary situation occurred at Holy Trinity School on Thursday that caused it to go on lockdown because of a burglar. Police say the burglary happened when school was in session, but say the man never came in contact with students.

Even so, it was a tense time for students and parents who had never been through this type of thing before.

"We were at Spanish at that time and my Spanish teacher took us up to a special spot in the room, and we all sat down quietly and just waited. She like shut the blinds on the windows and doors so nobody could see in and locked the doors," student Joshua Walters said.

Administrators say the man was not inside of the school, but next door in the Father Quigley Faith Formation Center, which houses early childhood education.
Just before noon, someone inside the building heard a loud thump and found the injured man in a classroom of an unoccupied floor.

An ambulance arrived and the man began to fight with first responders, so they called police. Officers say they believe the man was a burglar who was either in the ceiling and fell through the tiles, or was trying to get up into the ceiling when he fell.

"Some of my friends thought it was a drill, just like a practice. I knew it was real and I was just kind of waiting to find out what happened. I just sat down and prayed for a little bit," Walters said.

As he and his classmates were waiting for the all clear, his mother Laura says she was getting emails from school administrators about what was going on.

"I think they did a good job. It is always scary when your children are involved in anything like this, I knew they would handle it to the best of their ability. There is just always the uncertainty of what might be happening," the mom said.

The buildings here on campus are normally locked. Police are investigating how the man got in and why exactly he was there. He is now in custody.

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