Therapy ‘watchdog’ helps Wellsville teen detect seizures before they happen

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WELLSVILLE, Kan. -- There's a new watchdog on patrol in Franklin County, Kansas. But this sharp-eyed yellow lab isn't looking for bad guys; she's saving lives.

"Lucy is a seizure alert dog,” said Cindy Van Trece.

Lucy is a dog specially trained to spot when someone is about to have a seizure. The 1-year-old yellow lab is giving 18-year-old Haley Van Trece a second chance at happiness..

"A month ago, Haley was sleeping 18 hours a day she was on five different seizure medications,” Cindy Van Trece said.

But not anymore. Now, before Haley even realizes a seizure is coming on, Lucy spots the subtle symptoms and goes to work.

"Lucy will run back-and-forth between Haley and myself and she's letting me know hey somethings wrong here."

Lucy came from Northern Indiana Service Dogs. Community fundraisers helped the Van Trece raise $10,000 to adopt Lucy last week.

"There is happiness in my house again and it means the world,” said Cindy Van Trece.

And Haley is pretty fond of Lucy, although Haley has one minor complaint.

"She wants to play all the time, even when I don't feel good and she's a really bad bed hog,” Haley Van Trece said.

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