City installs parking meters in 3 popular areas in KC

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  The next time you head downtown be aware of where you park.  The city installed new parking meters in three popular areas, and enforcement starts Friday.

The River Market is just one of the three areas the city installed the new parking meters. They're placed on 3rd Street, 5th Street, Main and Grand. The Central Business District also has new meters. The Crossroads will get them in the next 30 days.

Enforcement will be Monday through Friday 7 a.m., until 6 p.m. They cost $1 per hour.

The city says the change isn't about making money, but an attempt to help support local businesses. They hope the new meters will encourage some turnover in the parking spaces -- getting more people in and out throughout the day.

Also, the new meters are both single and multi-space meters. The city will decide in the next 90 days which to use permanently.

"This is the smart technology we are deploying, we also want to eventually tie-in to more of a data analysis system so people can get real-time parking information via an app or what have you down the line. It's really a piece of a bigger puzzle," Public Works spokesperson Beth Breitenstein said.

Breitenstein said there a two hour regulation on the meters.

"The parking meters that are going in are in existing two hour regulated spots," Breitenstein added. "The time limits are the same that they were before it's just the added cost to increase the turnover."