What you need to know about new security measures at Mizzou, K-State and KU football stadiums

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- This weekend is the kickoff to college football season in the metro.  KU, K-State and Mizzou all have their home openers Saturday.  And all three schools have some new security measures you'll want to learn.

The field is looking pristine, and the finishing touches are being put on before the KU Jayhawks kick off the season.

"I'm hoping to see 12 wins!" Jim Marchiony, KU associate athletics director said.

This year, some big changes are coming for game day at KU, K-State and Mizzou.  All three colleges are now implementing clear bag policies.  Your goodies have to fit into a small plastic tote, small clutch, or clear Ziplock bag.

"I think it's a sign of the times, really.  What we feel is the number one issue at our athletic venues is safety, fan safety and comfort of the fans. We want them to feel safe, Marchiony said.

That's why venues at K-State and KU are also bringing in metal detectors this year.  It's in response to a new law allowing conceal carry weapons on college campuses.

"I don't think it's really affected campus that much.  The only change I've really seen is a lot of professors are including stuff in their syllabus about conceal carry on campus.  But other than that, I think it's business as usual," said KU student Addison Barczewski.

But students like Addison are glad the university's taking security seriously.  By adding metal detectors, KU and K-State are taking advantage of an exemption to the new law to keep guns out of the stadium.

On game day, if you choose to bring in a small bag, you'll have to put your stuff down on a table to get checked out, then walk through the metal detector.  But if you don't bring anything along, you can opt to hit the express entry to get inside the game a little quicker.

Fans are now stocking up on the approved plastic purses and some school swag, looking forward to Saturday's big games.

"I hope we do really well.  I'd love to see some Jayhawk wins this season.  So Rock Chalk!" Barczewski said.

KU says a lot of fans already expect this kind of security at big events, it's just becoming a new thing at colleges.  The university's biggest advice is to get to the entrances early.  Gate staff will be adjusting to the new security, so it's good to arrive earlier than usual to make sure you don't miss kickoff.

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