Photos show KC crew with huge Army truck helping Houston flood victims

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HOUSTON -- Some folks in Houston are getting a big help from one local business owner, and his massive military vehicle.

FOX 4 reported last week that Stonehenge Landscape & Design was heading south to help rescue people imperiled by Tropical Storm Harvey.

Stonehenge Landscape & Design owner Cyrus Dawson normally uses its 20-ton military cargo truck, complete with 52" tall tires, to haul massive boulders. But the company made headlines recently when they used the enormous Army surplus vehicle to rescue a flooded out family in Overland Park. The family sat patiently on their roof for hours. Stonehenge owner, Cyrus Dawson, decided to help out and successfully transported the family to dry land.

When the storms hit Texas, Dawson headed to Houston to rescue the many people still stranded at their flooded out homes.

The grassroots rescue crew loaded the rig with an inflatable 25-man lifeboat, food, water, coffee and anything else they could fit.

They have been in Houston since Tuesday. Dawson doesn't have an exact number on how many people they've already rescued, but said it was "dozens."

Check out the photos of the crew at work on the ground in Texas.

You can help support their mission by searching for "Cyrus Help Out" on GoFundMe.