Mother fears for her family’s safety after her home is riddled with bullets

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One mother on the city's east side says it was a nightmare.

Two weekend arguments outside her home at 45th Terrace and Askew leaves the house riddled with bullets, some of which landed near the family as they slept.

They've only lived here for a month, but Karina Jurado says a pair of early Sunday morning shootouts might be enough to scare her family away. Jurado tells FOX 4 News her family could hear a neighborhood party getting out of control, and around 1 a.m. gunfire rang out right outside their bedroom window.

"Through these holes right here," Jurado said as she pointed out bullet holes on the house. "It was right next to my daughter's bed. One bullet landed right where I was sleeping. "

The Sunday morning gun battle also left holes in the house immediately across the street. She says neighbors could hear the arguing, which neighbors say involved a large group of noisy teenagers, as well as gunfire just up the hill from their home. Jurado says when the angry voices turned to gunfire, her family called the cops. Jurado says police stayed for a short time finishing their work, but as soon as they left, the partiers returned, and when the guns came out, as many as nine rounds of ammunition hit the house.

"I didn't sleep at all that night," Jurado said. "It hit my daughter's bed and the one right next to mine, and the bullet landed on my bed."

One shell grazed the family dog's hind leg. Another bullet left a topical wound on Jurado's husband's forehead.

"The second bullet landed right next to my bed, which I guess it bounced off my dog and it burned her and it landed on mine where I was sleeping," Jurado said on Monday.

Jurado says her loved ones took cover under beds and in a stairwell. She's not alone in taking cover from the fracas. Donna McLaurin, who lives just across Askew Avenue, says she also heard the teens carousing, and the violence has to stop soon.

"There were a couple of gunshots. Actually, more than a couple. Like a lot of gunshots," McLaurin said.

"We all deserve a quiet place to live, but with things going on, people's emotions and stuff. They kind of run high. They choose the wrong way to settle their differences."

Kansas City Police Captain Stacey Graves tells FOX 4 News a high number of shell casings were collected from this home. If you know who's to blame for this violence, please call the Crimestoppers Tips Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS. There have been a number of violent crimes in that neighborhood in recent weeks, but Capt. Graves couldn't say if this shootout is connected to the others.