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Murray brothers make metro baseball rounds, stopping for fun with the T-Bones on Labor Day

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- It is no secret that Kansas City has a rich baseball history, and this week KC welcomed two of baseball's biggest and best known fans to town. Bill Murray and brother Brian Doyle-Murray made their rounds at some of the metro's best baseball destinations, stopping at The Legends on Labor Day for a little fun with the Kansas City T-Bones.

"Glad that I`m out here today 'cause, I mean, I am shaking actually still," Justin Campbell said.

Campbell wasn't prepared for the surprise he was in for while at the T-Bones game on Labor Day.

"I thought Frank White would be the biggest thing I`d see today, but seeing Bill Murray was amazing," he said.

The Murray brothers Greeted Campbell and dozens of fans while at Community America Ballpark on Monday.

"My childhood with all the movies that he`s been in, Ghostbusters and Groundhog`s Day, to see him in all of those and then to see him in real life is indescribable," said fan Amanda Coon.

The Murrays have been seen all across Kansas City over the weekend, including a stop at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

"It`s great to see him walking around, wearing a T-Bones hat. Bill Murray, that`s pretty cool," said T-Bones General Manager Chris Brown. "I don`t know who`s more excited: our players or some of the managers that are more his age. The players are very excited."

The Murrays spent some time talking to T-Bones players and coaches right before their final regular season game. And players told FOX 4 that they hope Bill Murray's juice will help give them what they need to make the playoffs.

"It`s very special. You get few moments like this in your career. You just try to live up to it, try to have fun, and take it all in," said player Rich Mascheri.


And it's an experience that Campbell is still working to take in.

"Words do not describe what just happened. I would try to put it into words but it would just sound bad," he said.