Vandals leave at least a dozen drivers in River Market, Plaza areas dealing with costly repair bills

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Cars parked near the Country Club Plaza were the latest to be targeted by BB gun vandals over the weekend, property crimes that began in the River Market area leaving owners with hefty repair bills.

"I have been down here for five years and this is the first problem I have had in that five years," Aaron Swanner told FOX 4.

Swanner lives near 2nd and Walnut in the River Market. He says he noticed a problem in the neighborhood during a recent morning walk to visit friends.

"And I noticed a couple of blocks over that had their windows busted out, and I said 'did anybody steal anything?' And they were like no, they just came by and shot our windows," he said.

It's a bummer for his friends, but Swanner had no idea that he was about to join the club.

"Then I came back to my place over here and noticed there were eight cars that also had their windows shot out,and then I proceeded to look at my car and notice I had my window shot out," he recalled.

Swanner lives in one of the many apartment homes right across the street from the City Market.

"I know people in my own complex that have two and three kids. Three-hundred dollars is a huge investment to put into a car window when you have children to feed.," he said. "That is not just impacting those of us who live here, it is going to impact the businesses that invest money to be down here and try to make a living."

The area hit is also near event spaces and other businesses, which Swanner says brings several thousand people to the city each week.

"I love being down here, people love being down here and for this to start occurring here it is going to scare people away when you have people invest in the city right now," he said.

There are well over a dozen cars that have been targeted -- the number is probably 20 or more. FOX 4 asked the Kansas City Police Department for information about the vandalism, but have not gotten more information because Monday is the Labor Day holiday.