Avila University delivers on promise to slash tuition by 33 percent

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local university is slashing its tuition. Avila University announced its new pricing Tuesday afternoon.

Every student will save 33 percent starting next school year, and that's not all.

FOX 4's Kerri Stowell visited campus and spoke with the university president to learn more details on the new initiative.

At Mabee Fieldhouse, every student on campus has a reason to celebrate Tuesday afternoon.

A big announcement was made about an hour ago.

The university's president, along with the board of trustees, faculty and staff introduced what's called the "Avila Promise."

The promise is made up of four new initiatives.

Beginning the 2018-19 school year -- Avila is reducing tuition by 33 percent.

That means for the average undergraduate student, tuition will drop from $29,000 per school year to $19,900.

The new pricing includes the cost of books and campus fees.

Avila is also guaranteeing graduation in four years, guaranteeing internship or research experience, and offering a $1,000-travel award for students who want to get experience here or abroad.


"Well the issue is there's been something wrong with the pricing model on education for a long time, and we're trying to fix it," said Avila University President Ron Sleptiza. "Truer tuition. So that you know really what it's gonna cost, four years. And we want you to graduate in four years, because that'll save a lot of money as well. And then have the experiences to be successful."



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