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Dog lost in rollover crash on I-35 found safe 2 weeks later

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In a FOX 4 follow-up to a story we covered two weeks ago, we are happy to report that the dog lost in a rollover crash on Interstate 35 has been found, and is back safe with her owner.

Paige Locke crashed near the interchange of Interstate 35 and Penn Valley Drive during a torrential rainfall on August 21.

“Hopped out, through my back windshield. I was running around the road looking for her, yelling her name, couldn’t see her anywhere. Granted, it was pouring rain. It was kind of hard to see anything,” Locke said through tears.

Her beloved dog, MJ, in the back seat was thrown out of the car. Paige was okay, but for two weeks she searched for MJ, contacting local agencies and posting flyers around the area, with no luck.

But Paige’s luck changed around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday when a woman getting off a bus heard some whimpering and found MJ in a box under a bridge at I-35 and West Pennway. The woman said she recognized MJ from a poster.

Paige said MJ had two fractured feet and may never run again. Other than that, MJ is in good health, and judging from these photos, it looks like she is ecstatic to be back with Paige.