KC gas station employees ‘working in fear’ after teens target business five times

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "Man, it just happened in a couple of moments. It was like a short span of thirty seconds," said a 24-year-old cashier about the brazen crimes he says a group of teenagers committed at a Kansas City gas station.

The clerk says around 10 p.m. Monday, the four boys and two girls first walked through the BP gas station's front door near 63rd and Prospect and then quickly stole lots of merchandise.

The cashier, who asked FOX 4 to conceal his identity, says when he ran towards the young thieves a guy in a white, hooded sweatshirt threw a canned good and other items at him.

"Our surveillance cameras caught it all on video. You can see the one in the white hoodie just start attacking me. He threw a tin can at me, which hit my hand, bruised my left arm and something hit me in my chest and I still have pain in my chest," said the cashier, who's now afraid to come to work.

"I don't want my life to be at risk and I want to work at a place where it is safe, that's my biggest concern," added the worker.

The cashier says the same teenagers have targeted the business five times in recent weeks.

"They come in altogether, a few might walk around the store at first, but then just grab all chips, sodas and other items and take off. It's frustrating because no one wants to experience a loss that can hurt our business," said the young worker.

"I'm just concerned about my employees' protection. Obviously, these are youngsters and they're staying with their parents, so their parents need to step up and teach them that this is the wrong thing to do," said Faisal Hanif, the gas station manager.

Meantime, FOX 4 is told later this week detectives are expected to return to the gas station and get a copy of the surveillance video, in hopes of catching the young thieves.

Employees just hope the young criminals don't return a sixth time.

"I'm glad they're on video. Now, I hope police do catch them because I don't want this to happen again and again to me or no one who works here," said the concerned cashier.