Frustrated homeowners say city crews left their yards a muddy mess

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some homeowners along Prospect Avenue say city crews have left their backyards a muddy mess, and haven't been back to clean up.

Neighbors say repair work near 42nd Street and Prospect Avenue has dragged on for more than a month.

"I just want them to take care of us down here," said Gary Medlock, whose 93-year-old mother has been affected by the project. "Do what you would normally do as far as cleaning up this property here and making these people whole with whatever happened, any damage that happened to their property. That’s the right thing to do."

Homeowners along Prospect complained about sewage backing up into their houses after heavy rains in July and August.

Neighbors tell FOX 4 crews from the city's water department determined that lines needed to be repaired or replaced, and more than a month ago, workers started digging up yards, taking down fences and trees in the process.

Property owners say the crews eventually filled in their holes and left. But no one has been back for nearly two weeks.

Some fear they'll be stuck with mud, dirt and rock where there used to be trees, grass and fence lines.

"This would not happen on the other side of Troost," said Pat Clarke, president of the Oak Park Neighborhood Association. "We always get put on the back burner around here. We are not important and if we are, we don’t feel like it."

A spokesperson for the water department says it's simply been too muddy for crews to continue to work in those yards. The department is looking into the neighbors' concerns. Homeowners may not want to hear that crews still have not finished their repairs.

The water department says someone will inspect the yards now and determine what needs to be done to make them usuable again for those who live there.