Family says KCK rape suspect set off events leading to woman’s death, should be charged with murder

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The grandmother of 39-year-old Shannon Keithley says the man accused of assaulting her also drove her to her death.

“I`m having a hard time getting over it, because I`m still in shock myself,” said Sally Keithley-McCulley, Keithley’s grandmother.

The morning of August 18th -- Shannon Keithley made a 911 call as she tried to escape an intruder in her KCK home. Just a short distance from her home, she crashed her SUV into a concrete pillar.

Police say she died immediately.

Keithley's family says even though she was driving the car when she crashed -- they want her intruder charged with second-degree murder because it was his actions leading up to this crash that killed her.

“My son said that he thought he should also be accused of second-degree murder, because she must have been in a terrible state for about four hours from 1 o`clock in the morning until 5. She must have been in a dreadful state, and finally got away,” said Keithley-McCulley.

Thirty-five-year-old Orlando Taylor of Kansas City, Kansas, is charged with rape and aggravated burglary. Police believe Taylor kicked the back door in, and busted into Keithley's home back on August 18th and raped her.

“He was found underneath the porch in the back,” adds Keithley-McCulley.

Keithley-McCulley says a Shawnee officer came to her home and told her that her granddaughter had been in an accident at five that morning. Keithley lived alone and texted a friend earlier that morning saying her house was being broken into and called 911.

“They said it looked like she fought for her life,” Keithley-McCulley said.

Keithley's family feels that as she was trying to escape, she panicked, causing her to hit the pillar.

“It should never have happened, it just should never have happened. I realize she was driving the car when it happened, but the break-in caused the accident,” says Keithley-McCulley.

Now her family feels Taylor should be charged with murder.

“I think he needs to pay for this,” Keithley-McCulley adds.

While the investigation is ongoing, the Wyandotte County District Attorney's Office would not comment on a felony murder charge, but says there is a possibility for additional charges.

“She was so young. So full of life, loved by everyone,” said Keithley-McCulley, “She was such a happy person. Loved music.”

Keithley-McCulley says her granddaughter worked at a music store and fixed instruments. She says it's been tough to deal with the loss.

“I have just been lonely without her, because I miss her. Two or three times a week she would call me when she got home from work,” Keithley-McCulley said.

Taylor is behind bars, his bond is set at $500,000.