‘Iron Men of Metz’ reunited at World War I Museum

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City is home to the reunion of the "Iron Men of Metz" - a group of World War II veterans that fought to liberate the French city of Metz in the 1940`s.

More than 100 veterans and their family members reunited at the World War I Museum on Friday.

It was the perfect day for World War II veteran Ceo Bauer to hit a high note. He and eight of his fellow World War II veterans from the 95th Infantry Division were finally back together.

"It`s just great. We`re actually a family, the 95th Division family. We refer to ourselves as '95ers' and it`s our family and our friends that come with us," Bauer said.

The 95th was joined by more than 100 family members and friends for the groups annual reunion that started at the World War I Museum.

"I feel all history is important. We should never forget history because we need to know history in order to know how to move forward," Bauer said.

"Kansas city has been a wonderfully marvelous place to visit. The hospitality of the people here has been extraordinary," Clif Twaddle said.

Twaddle says the trip to Kansas City was the perfect place for veterans and their families to be whole again.

"One of the most rewarding things about this process is the opportunity to bring people together, for veterans to meet friends and acquaintances, for children to meet soldiers their fathers fought with and learn about the history of their fathers experiences during the war," he added.

But this experience for Bauer and the 95th is something that will have him signing for many years to come.

"Many of us know each other and we remember our experiences and I know that I learned something from combat experiences every time I talk to another veteran. We know mutually what we did, we`re proud of what we did," he said.