Metro real estate agents headed to Texas to help with rebuilding efforts

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LENEXA, Kan. -- The local branch of Keller Williams Realty will soon be joining thousands of agents to help home owners who've lost everything, another example of strangers helping strangers.

"Originally the plan was to go down there and basically get smart on real estate stuff; how to grow my business, how to run a better business, how to take care of clients better," Mark Solomon told FOX 4.

Solomon and his Keller Williams coworkers were set to go to annual camp in Austin, Texas, but after the devastation brought on by Hurricane Harvey - plans changed.

"There`s about 20,000 people who are still planning on attending Mega Relief instead of Mega Camp. So instead of getting trained we are going to go down, and they know we are going to be in hot, sweaty conditions, mold, tearing people`s houses apart and helping them rebuild," Solomon said.

Solomon says there are already folks in Houston helping their clients rebuild what they've lost.

"They are literally tearing out moldy things in people`s houses, helping them get back up on their feet as quickly as possible," he said.

Meanwhile back home, the spirit of donating and volunteering has been overwhelming.

"This is our opportunity to go down and serve. We`re blessed to be able to do that and I know that they would do for us if we were in the same shoes," Gayla Hiatt said.

As trucks of donations and and supplies make its way to those who need it most - Solomon believes the rebuild efforts will help speed the recovery process.

"So many people were effected and it has a ripple effect. The quicker we can get our Keller Williams family up and running, the quicker they can help the community as a whole," he said.

Local crews for Keller Williams will leave early Monday morning and will join groups like Heart to Heart and lend a hand to those who need it.