Policy enforcement heightened a week after fights ended Park Hill football game early

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Staff with the Park Hill School District enforced a policy on Friday night that required students who were in middle school to have a parent with them to enter the high school football game. The policy enforcement comes after police said seven fights broke out at last week's football game.

FOX 4 talked to students and parents at Friday's game.

Park Hill junior, Karsyn Chambers, said the fights made her school look bad. She agrees middle school students should have a parent with them.

"It definitely tarnishes Park Hill's reputation, I mean I don't think that was the best way to handle things and it just kind of ruins the way we look," she said.

FOX 4 talked to more than a dozen parents who were in the drop-off line and didn't find any who were breaking the rules. The parents we spoke to agreed with the district enforcing the policy.

"I think they should have been doing it all along," said Gretchen Hartman, the mother of a seventh grade student.

District staff said the policy isn't new, only the enforcement of it is. Typically the district has four police officers at the game but on Friday they had 10 for extra security. Staff at the entrance were also checking for identification to make sure students were in high school.