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Shelter finally enjoys donated American Royal BBQ not bleached and thrown in dumpster

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It took a year, but some of Kansas City’s hungry finally got to enjoy a collection of the world’s best barbecue. Kansas City, Missouri Health inspectors bleached and tossed thousands of pounds of American Royal barbecue in the dumpster last year at Hope City.

Kookers Kare, the charity that collects all the extra barbecue from the American Royal that doesn’t go to the judges, worked with health officials for months to try to continue the work they’d done for a decade.

After watching all those sad faces when more than 3000 pounds of barbecue was bleached and thrown in the dumpster last year, Hope City was happy to get to serve it Friday.

“We’ve served it for years and it’s just a pleasure to serve it again this year, really to thank the American Royal and Kookers Kare and Harvesters and everybody that makes it happen for us," Hope City Director Ray Stribling said.

Hope City is just one of several food kitchens serving the barbecue this week. The distribution was handled by Harvesters in Topeka and Kansas City.​