Metro siblings pray for a murder charge in sister’s violent death

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Shannon Keithley was only 39 years old, and during the early morning of August 18th her family says a man whom she had never seen before broke through the back door of Shannon's home off Lathrop Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas.

"Shannon was so charismatic, so loving and colorful. She loved people and she loved animals," said Angelia Savorelli lovingly about her sister.

"She was just so much fun and alive. She was my rock and now more than ever, I really need her," said Heather Isbell as she wiped tears from her face.

Savorelli and Isbel are missing their beloved sister.

"She first heard something around 1am that morning," recalls Angelia Savorelli.

Savorelli said her sister heard the sounds of Orlando Taylor entering her home. Taylor is now charged with burglarizing Shannon Keithley's home and raping her.

Shannon's family said their loved one experienced an awful morning of terror at the hands of Taylor.

"During the three hours she endured with her captor, was horrible. Just to think about the violence she had to go through is just heartbreaking for all of us," said Angelia Savorelli with her head down.

Now, Keithley's family insists Wyandotte  County prosecutors should file another felony charge against a jailed Taylor:  first degree murder.

Relatives tell FOX 4 somehow a terrified Shannon managed to get away from Taylor's horror, run for her life, hop in her sports utility vehicle and drive away,  However, moments later Shannon faced another horrible ordeal when police say she lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a huge, concrete pillar less than a mile from her home.

Police say they arrested Taylor after finding him hiding under Keithley's back deck.

"She fled to get away from him which put her in a more dangerous situation or another dangerous situation really, " said an irritated Angelia Savorelli.

"Yes, I think it's murder. She would still be alive had he left her alone. She would still be here," said a frustrated and hurt Heather Isbell.

Meantime, a spokesman for the Wyandotte County Prosecutor's office said Keithley's case is still an ongoing investigation and it is a possibility that Orlando Taylor could face additional charges. No word yet if that will include murder.  Taylor remains in jail on a $500,000 bond.

"To us justice for Shannon will mean getting murder charges. It's terrible. It's just so painful, " Angelia Savorelli told FOX 4's Robert Townsend during an interview Friday.