Woman praises neighbor in Valentine neighborhood for quickly taking picture of suspected burglar moments after alarm sounds

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – People living in Kansas City’s Valentine neighborhood have a message for home intruders. They want them to know they should be prepared to be chased down and have their photo taken.

On Saturday, FOX 4 talked to a woman who said her neighbor did just that when a man broke into her house around 6 a.m.

“We look out for each other, and if you want to burglarize houses here, somebody is going to chase you down and take your picture,” Carie Allen told FOX 4.

She said early Saturday morning she got an alert on her phone from her alarm company that said her back door was open. Allen said she called her next door neighbor to alert her just so she would be aware of the situation. Then, she said her neighbor spotted a man loading items from her house into his van. That’s when she said the neighbor approached him and snapped pictures of his face and license plate.

“That’s Valentine, that’s why I live in this neighborhood and hopefully at least if anything else it sends a message to anyone who comes around here,” she told FOX 4.

Allen said she posted the photos on the Facebook group “Stolen KC,” and instantly received messages with the man’s name and links to his social media pages. She said she turned the photos and the name over to police.