Chilling traffic camera, surveillance video shows last moments of man’s life before murder in KCK

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- More than a month after a popular Kansas City business owner was shot and killed, the victim's mother and sister, for the first time, are getting a glimpse of a chilling surveillance photo and video of their loved one's final moments.

"It's really hard to see. I mean chills just going down me. Just watching that. It's a nightmare," said the victim's mother.

Last month, Derrick Horton was shot and killed at a Family Dollar parking lot in the 1900 block of North 63rd Street, near Parallel Parkway.

Watch the video in the player above that FOX 4's Robert Townsend obtained exclusively from police.

It appears to show a white sedan driving west bound down Parallel Parkway near 64th Street and then get in a turning lane.

Police say Derrick Horton's red Dodge Charger was to the right of the driver as both men approached a green light.

However, instead of driving off, investigators say Horton and the sedan driver got into a heated argument. Police say within moments the sedan driver followed Horton's car to the parking lot of a nearby Family Dollar store. Surveillance video from the Family Dollar shows Derek Horton get out of his car and the two continued arguing. Within moments the other driver pulled out a gun and shot Horton several times.

Horton was a 39-year-old husband, father of three, and owner of Charlie D's Catfish restaurant. He was killed just down the street from his restaurant, which he owned for nearly two years.

"Derrick was just a big teddy bear who had a big heart. Every time you saw him, he always had a funny story," says Lois Lewis, Horton's mother.

"He was just a sweetheart. You could always call him, talk to him and get advice," says LaTochia Dew about her brother, whom she just cannot stop thinking about as she fights back tears.

"I just keep thinking about his wife of almost 15 years and his three kids who don't have their father anymore. It's just crazy, " says Dew.

"My heart beats so fast just watching this photo because I knew what happened next, " says a somber Lois Lewis as she stares intently at a surveillance photo for the first time. Police say the blurry photo was taken from the Family Dollar and shows Derrick Horton getting out of his car and approaching the sedan driver.

"Derrick was not a fighter. He would not just go looking for a fight or to start trouble. He must have felt some kind of just cause or just wanted to talk to the guy again. I don't know, but I know he didn't deserve what he got, " says Lois Lewis.

Police say the driver shot Horton six times and sped off.

"I'm glad that photo is a little blurry because I just would hate to see my son's face so clearly. I want this man to pay for killing Derrick," says a frustrated Lois Lewis.

"We just want to know why? Why did he killing him and take him away from his family over something that was probably so petty? I'm sure Derrick didn't have any idea that he was about to lose his life and not see his wife, children or restaurant ever again," says LaTochia Dew as she wipes a tear from her eye.

Police tell FOX 4'S Robert Townsend they're still looking for Horton's killer and asking anyone with information to call the TIPS Hotline.