KC police shoot, kill charging dog during drug, weapons arrest; Man says it was unnecessary

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Chris Lee said he was lying on his stomach, with his hands on the ground, when Kansas City Police, who were executing a search warrant at his home in East Kansas City, shot and killed his eight-year-old dog, Axl.

“What I did was open the door to tell the police that we are no danger, please don't hurt the dogs and the dogs just bound out, there was nothing I could do because I was trying to keep my hands out and not reach for anything,” Lee said.

Chris Lee

Lee said KCPD came to his home after he sold marijuana to an undercover officer. What Lee is unsure about is why officers had to shoot his dog.

“Losing a member of our family it's devastating every day that he is not there. Every single day, I should wake up and my boy should be there with me,” Lee said.

In a statement, KCPD said Axl was shot after allegedly charging and biting an officer in the leg. Lee said that is not what happened.

“My dogs don't know how to attack people. They were just barking. It's a big, chaotic situation and they just unloaded right into him,” he said.

Lee is facing multiple drug related charges and a weapons charge but he said the punishment of watching his dog die in front of him does not fit his crime.

“I was at a very low point going into the winter and I truly think that the dog saved my life and he`s the one that got me through one of the hardest times of my life and my life got better. Every day I miss my dog and he should be here. He should have a long healthy life with me and I'm going to miss him every day of my life,” Lee said.

Kansas City Police Statement:

Officers were at this residence in an attempt to conduct a search warrant. As they approached the front porch they observed a white male subject slam the front door. Verbal commands were given advising those inside that officers were there for a search warrant. Officers then observed a white male subject open the front door allowing the 2 dogs to run out and attack the officers, and he quickly closed the door. The two dogs were barking, growling, with hair raised, and charged at the officers who were ascending the front stair to the front door. One of the dogs charged at an officer biting him on the leg and tore his pants. Due to the dogs actions the dog was shot.

The second canine he released on officers ran away and was able to be controlled with the assistance of a neighbor. Officers were able to keep the 2nd dog at bay and away from other officers utilizing a dog stick which the dog was biting for the duration of the search warrant. Officers allowed the owner to be taken out of handcuffs to assist in securing the 2nd canine and to avoid another deadly incident.

Please note, the suspect was charged in custody for Narcotics, Felon in Possession, and a charge per the prosecutor for releasing the dogs out of the front door at the tactical officers on approach (Unlawful use of a weapon).