U2 ticket policy may be difficult, but it helps to disable scammers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Every time there's a concert, it seems there's someone who sadly falls victim to scammers who sell them fake tickets that look real. Tomorrow's U2 concert may be different.

Prince Robinson, 6, of Olathe wanted to go to Bruno Mars with his mom, Jennifer Butler.

It's hard to forget the story FOX 4 told last month about a six-year-old boy who never made it to the Bruno Mars concert after his mom unknowingly purchased fake tickets for $600.

But for U2, in order to get the ticket, concert-goers must have the credit card and ID with them that they used to buy the ticket.

"The way U2 is handling their tickets needs to be copied by other artists. I think it's a great way to do it. Scalpers kind of suck, so it's really good they are doing it. They thought of a way to prevent it," said Zac Hardin, a fan.

U2 fans out at the stadium Monday night ahead of Tuesday's concert said they never received a physical ticket, only a mobile receipt. However, the receipt alone won't get them in the doors.

"You don't actually have tickets. You use your credit card to get in. They scan your credit card, then you buy up to four tickets on the card so if you don't have everybody with you that's where the issue is," said the fan.

If you buy a ticket from someone, or even if someone gives it to you as a gift, you might not be allowed in without their credit card and ID.

"The tickets would be a lot more expensive if scalpers were able to come in," said fan Zac Hardin. "U2 fans are so loyal they would be willing to pay the price."

Staff with Tickets For Less in Overland Park said it's best to purchase the tickets from the venue or ticket master instead of a person off the streets.

Fan Emily Cox said she has no problem not receiving a physical ticket and just showing her card information.

"My mom knows how to do it all, she helps us organized and it's easy with her but without her it might be kind of hard," she said.